Moving to a new home or office can often be a very challenging time. Aside from packing, unplugging and disassembling the items all of your belongings or company assets, there is also the challenge of making sure that all of the items that you are moving to your new home or office arrive safely at their intended destination.

We understand how difficult this process can be, which is why we have established our business to provide you and all of other clients with the transportation and storage solutions you need to move to a new place.

Our services include both residential as well as office removals. We will transport your things for you and store them at our safe and secure facility to await transport to their intended destination. Furthermore, all of our staff will help you pack and unpack your assets in a fast an efficient manner. So if you need someone to help you move to a new home or office then call Minimaxmovers for the services that you require.



Our company has worked in the transportation and storage industry since the nineties. We have served both offices as well as private families. We have transported residential items, like tables, chairs and cabinets, as well as commercial assets, such as safes and large electrical devices. We have also transported large items as well as small ones; expensive antiques as well as electronic devices with our 5 Ton and 10 Ton trucks.

Our experiences in the transportation, storage and logistics industry has taught us how to take care of our clients and their belongings, and we use this knowledge to determine our policies and prices to provide our clients with the quality services that they deserve. In short, we will make the transition process as efficient and as affordable as possible.

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We provide a wide variety of transportation and storage solutions:

– A secure a storage for you to temporarily keep your assets and furniture in.
– 24 Hour Security personnel to guard our storage facility and to keep their contents safe.
– Well-maintained trucks and vehicles to transport your belongings.
– An efficient staff who will keep all of your things safe while they are being transported.
– Fair prices to make our services accessible to both small businesses and home owners.

So if you need someone to help you with you move your belongings or company assets then give us a call and we will do everything we can to give you what you need.

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